Book Reviews

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

What do you do when Death tells a story? You listen, of course. This book is set in Nazi Germany from 1939-1943. It’s the story of Liesel, “the book thief,” as Death names her. The book starts with Liesel, her mother and brother on a train; her brother dies on the way. And this is where Death first sees Liesel. We find out that her mother was taking her to live with foster parents. This is Liesel’s story during those years. Considering the time period it’s set in, Death is very busy during those years collecting souls. This story offers you a glimpse of what it was like for regular German citizens; not all of them were the monsters that they are portrayed to be. There were those who did what they could to help the Jews. Some, like Liesel’s foster parents, hid Jews in their basement. This story pulled me into it, it’s not a book to be read quickly. A word of caution if you do decide to read this one, it does not have a happy ending.