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Stories from Suffragette City

The 19th Amendment to the Constitution granted American women the right to vote, this Amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920. In 1848, the movement for women’s rights launched on a national level with the Seneca Falls Convention; it took almost a century of protest for women to be given the right to vote. Stories from Suffragette City is a collection of short stories that all take place on October 23, 1915 in New York City as thousands of women marched demanding the right to vote. The stories cover both rich and poor women, young and old. As I read each of their stories I found myself pulled into what life would have been like for a woman back in 1915. There is so much that we take for granted today, we have the right to vote, the right to make our own decision and choices, so many things that women in those days did not have. I am truly thankful for all those brave women who stood up for our rights